Jazz Rhythm Vocalist | World Vocal Stylist

"Beat boxing on steroids... tirelessly energetic ...performances verging from the frenetic to the poignant." - Gazettes 

"Vocal cords like a set of castanets.. Chicago Sun Times

"Exuberant, buoyant...” 
The New York Times

"...Cotler’s secret weapon is her mastery of the south Indian Carnatic style of counting out rhythms ... Cotler does it engagingly and in this opera, anything goes when it come to the news." - Los Angeles Times

 “ … the wordless lamento of Loire… goes through the body and the bones.” - Het Parool

" Cotler's scatting is flawless. -  Hollywood Progressive /  Peoples World

“Spectacular …tireless.. astonishing series of staccato percussive syllables which create a unique musical language. She can also do the splits." - Showmag.com

"Acrobatic vocals...” 
Financial Times

"... Cotler sings at impossibly breakneck speed…performed with peerless artistry and in a seemingly effortless manner” 
The Jerusalem Post

“Virtuosic… [original scores] brilliantly composed by rhythm vocalist Loire Cotler” -Jim Le Pariser

“Lori Cotler…scares people with the speed and precision of her voice.”
Doklands Daily Music Blog

“You just drop your jaw. You can’t believe the human voice can do this kind of improvisation…” Brattleboro Reformer

“The contribution of Loire ( artist name of Lori Cotler), who adds a personal accent with her Indian based percussive singing, is phenomenal.” 
De Volkskrant

"microsyllables like a tropical bird, exotically beautiful…defies genre” 
Significato Journal

“Thrilling, hypnotic…technically brilliant” Maplewood Patch


 The vocal work of Lori Cotler is positioned like one of the vanguardistas of the world” Milenio, Tamps. Mexico

“ Cotler uses her voice like an instrument and delves deep into the core human emotion” Elmundo España, Illes Balears

“Thrilling, hypnotic…technically brilliant” Maplewood Patch

“Fascinating Loire... [her] drum-like syllable-singing builds a virtuoso counterpoint”  
NRC Handelsblad

“Listen to the speed and precision of her executions…strive to take things to her level. You’ll be spiraling up into the stratosphere if you do.” David Aldridge Drumming Blog “Why Every Drummer Should Know About Lori Cotler”

“Jaw-dropping dexterity ... acrobatic vocalizing and rapid-fire articulation.” -Chicago Classical Review

"Cotler explores the rhythmic power of the voice” -The New York Times

“Astonishing…Cotler crooned and soared...” -Chicago Tribune