• ”Cotler steals the spotlight"
    — All About Jazz
  • “Rhythmic power of the voice"
    — The New York Times
  • "Jaw-dropping"
    — Chicago Classical Review
  • "Beatboxing on steroids"
    — Gazettes
  • “Spectacular..tireless..astonishing...she can also do the splits."
    — Showmag

"Beat boxing on steroids... tirelessly energetic ...performances verging from the frenetic to the poignant." - Gazettes 

"Vocal cords like a set of castanets.. Chicago Sun Times

"Exuberant, buoyant...” 
The New York Times

"...Cotler’s secret weapon is her mastery of the south Indian Carnatic style of counting out rhythms ... Cotler does it engagingly and in this opera, anything goes when it come to the news." - Los Angeles Times

 “ … the wordless lamento of Loire… goes through the body and the bones.” - Het Parool

" Cotler's scatting is flawless. -  Hollywood Progressive /  Peoples World

“Spectacular …tireless.. astonishing series of staccato percussive syllables which create a unique musical language. She can also do the splits." - Showmag.com

"Acrobatic vocals...” 
Financial Times

"... Cotler sings at impossibly breakneck speed…performed with peerless artistry and in a seemingly effortless manner” 
The Jerusalem Post

“Virtuosic… [original scores] brilliantly composed by rhythm vocalist Loire Cotler” -Jim Le Pariser

“Lori Cotler…scares people with the speed and precision of her voice.”
Doklands Daily Music Blog

“You just drop your jaw. You can’t believe the human voice can do this kind of improvisation…” Brattleboro Reformer

“The contribution of Loire ( artist name of Lori Cotler), who adds a personal accent with her Indian based percussive singing, is phenomenal.” 
De Volkskrant

"microsyllables like a tropical bird, exotically beautiful…defies genre” 
Significato Journal

“Thrilling, hypnotic…technically brilliant” Maplewood Patch


 The vocal work of Lori Cotler is positioned like one of the vanguardistas of the world” Milenio, Tamps. Mexico

“ Cotler uses her voice like an instrument and delves deep into the core human emotion” Elmundo España, Illes Balears

“Thrilling, hypnotic…technically brilliant” Maplewood Patch

“Fascinating Loire... [her] drum-like syllable-singing builds a virtuoso counterpoint”  
NRC Handelsblad

“Listen to the speed and precision of her executions…strive to take things to her level. You’ll be spiraling up into the stratosphere if you do.” David Aldridge Drumming Blog “Why Every Drummer Should Know About Lori Cotler”

“Jaw-dropping dexterity ... acrobatic vocalizing and rapid-fire articulation.” -Chicago Classical Review

"Cotler explores the rhythmic power of the voice” -The New York Times

“Astonishing…Cotler crooned and soared...” -Chicago Tribune

Additional Quotes: 

“There is only one Loire, she is incomparable. When I first heard her sing, I was hypnotized by an awesome kind of  unheard pureness in her voice, reminding me of daylight in Spring, or a fresh mountain well. Apart from the sound, Loire has this amazing groove, no composer will ever be able to write down what she is vocally able to. Composers are control freaks and so am I, but writing for Loire is different: Each one of us is delivering half of the inspiration and half of the music. That is quite special. Writing for Loire is a privilege and she is my muse! Well performed music is like an ever floating river of time and LOIRE makes that happen.” 
JacobTV (Jacob Ter Veldhuis) Award Winning Composer

”Loire is the ideal collaborator, interpreter and performer of my music. I can’t count the number of times I have heard her perform and been in awe of her musical gifts. Her soulful impassioned tone combines with an unusually earthy rhythmic sense that never fails to be transportive and inspiring. What a joy to work with a musician who is so open to exploring new territory and so fearless in her desire for evermore deep musical knowledge. My appreciation of her talent is equal to my gratitude for her willingness to grapple with the demands of my music. She always somehow finds the essential kernel of the music and radiates that with unflagging energy and grace. Loire’s uplifted way of approaching her art is invariably reflected in the undeniable pleasure she brings to all who see and hear her sing.” 
Glen Velez, Four-time Grammy winning composer and master percussionist

“The versatility of her voice comes from purity of tone powered by the wisest of hearts and a mind that forages everywhere for news of wonder. The voice is LOIRE, virtuoso of scat, riff maker par excellence, lyric poet, and conjurer of musical composition. To hear her perform is to learn, anew, how to breathe, how to resonate inside out, to discover and rediscover unexplored and unsuspected realms of feeling.” 
K. William Fried, PhD, Writer, Photographer

“… avid audience at The Metropolitan Museum of Art … Lori Cotler’s mesmerizing voice and engaging personality thoroughly charmed the audience … a rousing ovation.” 
Pamela Summey, Program Coordinator, Department of Musical Instruments, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“LOIRE is a phenomenon. She is on a beautiful musical path that is traversed by a few. I’m galvanized by her wonderful singing, especially in the area of Music’s from around the globe. Ease on down that beautiful road less traveled with LOIRE ”
Kenwood Dennard, Prof. Berklee College of Music, former drummer with Sting, Miles Davis,  Jaco Pastorius, Bobby McFerrin

“…Cotler radiates unique beauty. She is an exquisite artist then leaves everyone moved. Her art touches that part of ones heart that may remain hidden on an ordinary day. And she does it effortlessly. No pomp. Just substance. Which results in the beauty so unmistakably convincing and luxurious.” 
Milica Paranosic, Award winning composer, Performance Artist

“LOIRE is a phenomenon among vocalists. She’s gifted with the rhythmic precision and invention of a master drummer, the imagination of a poet, plus amazing control over a multitude of vocal colors, styles and influences.You must hear LOIRE! ” 
Eugene Friesen, Grammy winning Cellist and composer

“There are few artists who dig for new areas to work like Loire. She has immersed herself in her art and it shows. Her most noted gift is in the art of konnakol, vocal percussion from South India. Though not from the tradition and not playing the Indian rhythm instruments, she has performed exceptionally in this craft and it has been noticed by those who matter.”  
Chris Sampson, Founder Om Radio

“… unforgettable interactive presentation … one of those true milestones in the development of our students’ musical consciousness.  They walk into that room hearing things one way, and walk out afterwards forever changed in the way they hear music.” 
Ray Lustig, DMA, Faculty of Literature and Materials, The Juilliard School

“Lori Cotler is an extraordinary teacher. The content was terrific. The pacing was perfect. The participatory work was terrific, and Lori’s explanations and responses to questions were precise, clear and to the point. Additionally, her clear love of the subject and enthusiasm for teaching made her presentation thoroughly engaging. I have experienced a great many teachers (as have we all), and I have also done a great deal of teaching. Lori Cotler is amongst the most gifted teachers that I have experienced, and her workshop was amongst the very best educational experiences that I have had. My thanks again to the Greenwich House Music School for presenting this wonderful workshop. I hope that you will have Ms. Cotler back in the future.” 
Gary Brocks, Recording Artist/Jazz Vocalist/Songwriter/Lyricist/Trombonist